15 “Infinity Train” Theories and Predictions

Some theories and predictions on one of Cartoon Network’s future shows, Infinity Train.

  1. The show’s pilot has been confirmed to take place in November. Tulip’s number at the beginning of the series will be 115. It could be the day Tulip gets on the train. It could also signal the date the show is set to premiere (Nov. 5, 11/5).  It’s also important to note that the original pilot also aired in November.
  2. You can only travel one way on the train. Once you leave a car, you cannot return.  Tulip and her companions are walking towards the front of the train. This will be explored in a episode where either Atticus feels the need to return to his people or Tulip accidentally leaves something important behind.
  3. Adding on to that, the inhabitants of the train aren’t supposed to travel between cars. Tulip’s befriending of One-One and Atticus are key to her making it off the train and getting home.
  4. “The Steward”, the giant robot from the pilot, isn’t the series’ major antagonist but will be key to understanding the train.
  5. The villain of the series will be called “The Conductor.”
  6. “The Conductor” will be revealed to be human and have a number on their hand. They will have been on the train for a long time and their number is very high. 
  7. The train requires a new “Conductor,” hence the damage to the corgi car and why Tulip was bought aboard. “The Conductor” wants Tulip to take their place but needs to test her,
  8. At the end of the series, Tulip not exit the train but rather return to her original seat on a normal train.
  9. Tulip got on the train either on the way to a new city with her family or she ran away, and is on the train trying to go back “home.” If it is the latter, she will exit the train and go back to her family.
  10. There will be one episode in which Atticus and One-One become human, even if it’s just for a quick scene. Their canon human designs will become very popular.
  11. Tulip skipped a grade at some point.
  12. Tulip is an only child.
  13. The number on Tulip’s hand is going to be built up to have some great meaning but not play a huge part in the end like the Zodiac in “Gravity Falls.” We already know that the number itself is unimportant, and that who has a number is important but the numbers are there to mark people who weren’t on the train their whole lives. 
  14. Besides the train, Tulip will have to learn to overcome her own issues with dealing with things that are illogical and that while growing up, and that not everything is going to follow a set path just because she plans for it.
  15. Very little or no time will have passed by the time Tulip returns home/to her seat in the final episode.


To be honest, I kind of hope most of these don’t happen because I’ll be a little disappointed if I can figure out all of this from an eight-minute short and a video from the creator. On the other hand, I want bragging rights when some of these things come true.

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