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An Incredible (2) trailer with a side of theories

The official trailer for Incredibles 2 finally aired. The movie premieres in just under two months and I’m pumped. Due to my job, I won’t be able to go to the premiere but I’ll definitely be able to catch it in the first week. I’ve already reviewed the teaser, and have proposed some theories and now that we have more information, I can add and revise my theories.

I love how it’s keeping with the whole “family drama in superhero costume” idea of the first movie. The music was awesome and reminiscent of the original, and the only joke that seems like it might be old by the time the film is released is, “Math is math!”

Most of the scenes in the trailer were already in the teasers but there were a few (new) things that really interested me.  One was that it seemed that as though Elastigirl has a new outfit; one inspired by her old costume. And it seems as though, perhaps Bob has one as well. This brings up some questions: Where did they get the costumes? Bob’s is ripped, and we know that Edna never returns to old versions of her designs.

Obviously for Elastigirl, if she does get a new costume it’ll symbolize her independence as an independent. hero. By the end of the movie, she’ll return to her signature outfit to symbolize becoming part of a team, once more. I can almost guarantee it.

Another observation, I had dealt with Violet, who seems to be going through some teenage stuff; she has an attitude towards her family, she shoves her super-suit down the garbage disposal and is just generally angry. It would help to know what she’s angry about, but it seems as though her anger might play a large part in the film. As we’ve seen, Jack-Jack’s powers have become stronger and it doesn’t seem as though his powers or strength are the norm for super-powered babies.

Supers are still illegal but Helen and Bob both feel like (and most likely want) to be supers because they genuinely enjoy it, and they don’t want their kids to have to hide their powers all the time. This seems like an interesting conflict, even if it was kind of done in the first movie.

There are some awesome action sequences that we only get to see bits of. Which is great. I don’t want to see the final battle or climax in a trailer. I want to be surprised.

And the main villain was also introduced; the ScreenSlaver. He hypnotizes people through screens. I love his design and attitude. Even though he has about ten seconds of screen time, I already know he’s going to be an awesome villain.

So that brings me to my theories: one of them, namely the “supersuit” variation has been confirmed by this trailer.

It might have been one of the more obvious ones, but I’m still happy I’m on the right track. Time for updated theories!

  1. The kids will play a major role in the film, much more than I had originally predicted. In particular, Violet will be highlighted more than Jack-Jack or Dash.
  2. Adding on to that, Violet will likely be dealing with power related issues, possibly brought on by puberty. My theory about Jack-Jack being a target because of his many abilities still stands.
  3. Winston Deavor, as we know is obsessed with supers, but his true interest is in Elastigirl. His obsession though, will be revealed to be more like Phil Coulson’s love of Captain America. Perhaps he had a crush on her when he was younger, but he mostly admires her. And almost definitely has her autograph/full set of her trading cards.
  4. The wanna-be supers, introduced in concept art, and who have a variety of powers, will be hypnotized by the Screenslaver who wants to bring down the supers. The exception will be Voyd, who will be allied with the ScreenSlaver.
  5. The twist to the ScreenSlaver is Evelyn, with similar motives as I predicted; she will feel unappreciated and jealous of the attention the supers get. Of course, with her mask and disguised voice, nobody would ever think it was her.
  6. Helen’s backstory, as in how she became a super will be told. I think it’s likely that Helen didn’t have any famous supers in her family tree, though Bob does, most likely an older male relative; father, grandfather or uncle.
  7. Not only will sexism be a theme of the film but so will the question: “Can women have it all?” The answer will be yes, but some women don’t want it.
  8. Considering He-Lectrix from the wannabees has electric powers, it seems likely that Frozone’s wife will not have “lightening powers.”


  1. Frozone’s wife is the main villain, unhappy with her husband leaving her for hero work and by destroying supers’- reputation she’ll have him all to herself.


Anything that hasn’t changed from my first round of guesses still stands.

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