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3 in 1 Trailer Week Special

This has been a huge week for animated movie trailers. I’ve already reviewed Wreck-It Ralph but three other major animated trailers also dropped this week and since I have nothing better to do, here are my thoughts on all the rest.

  1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part


Okay, this was only a teaser trailer but, it was great! (When did this trend even start? Why do we need a trailer for a trailer?) Yet, I absolutely loved it.

The sequel takes place sometime after the events of the first movie; the entire city of Bricksburg has been destroyed, and the citizens are forced to live in a dystopic Mad Max-esque world; complete with a crumbling Statue of Liberty and leather outfits with chains and eye patches… The only one taking it well is the ever-optimistic Emmett. One day, a mysterious figure appears and kidnaps Lucy, Batman and the rest of the crew leaving Emmett  to rescue them.

The signature humor that defined The Lego Movie is still there, complete with a tween pop remix of “Everything is Awesome.” And it looks like we will get to see new sets, specifically something called the “Sis-star System.”

It looks fun and interesting, with a different kind of twist than the other three movies in the franchise. Specifically, it looks like it might go after the view that “LEGOs are for boys,” considering the Mysterious Figure’s attitude and weapons. It handles the idea better than the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer did.

I’ve also heard a few rumors that this movie might be a space musical. I didn’t really see that in the teaser, but I definitely would not mind if the movie went in that direction. I would love to see the original music they’d come up with.

And if you want my prediction, the twist in this film is that it’s going to be Finn’s sister playing with the LEGOs (or perhaps them together) this time. At this point, she should be old enough to play with “big kid” LEGOs and considering that there is a heavy focus on women in the trailer, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. 

Anyway, I’m super excited for this and I can’t wait to see where the movie goes.

Trailer Score: 8/10
2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse


I didn’t really have much of an opinion on this movie when it was first announced. You guys have probably picked up on my feelings towards the MCU but, if the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer had me feeling lukewarm towards a movie I was excited for, then this trailer did the exact opposite.

Now, I’m pumped. Rather than waiting for this movie to make its way on to Netflix, I’m planning on seeing this one in theaters.

This is actually the second trailer released for the movie, but who cares about specifics? It depicts Mile Morales, an African-American teenager who happens to be Spider-Man in his free time. One day, he runs into a washed-up, bearded Peter Parker. I’m unsure whether he’s from another dimension or universe, but that seems to be implication. Parker agrees to mentor Morales, who doesn’t seem too keen on the idea.

The two join forces with other incarnations of Spider-Man, including Spider Gwen, to defeat the villain Mysterio.

It’s great to see a purely action-oriented kids movie. It feels like we haven’t had one of those in a while. There is humor; this is Spider-Man, of course but it’s not the focus. The dynamic between Miles and Peter seems like it will be an interesting take on the typical mentor/student relationship. There’s a lot of different routes this movie could and I want to see where it goes.

The animation is absolutely stunning. It’s absolutely unique. The style is ripped from comic books; it’s hard to describe in words. It must be seen in order to be understood. Effects like word bubbles are also going to be on screen and the movie uses shading instead of shadows. I love adventurous and experimental styles in animation, and this hits the ball out of the park.

Who would have thought that the same studio that made The Emoji Movie could be responsible for the best superhero movie of the year?

Trailer Score: 10/10.

3) How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


This franchise is one of Dreamworks’ best and most beloved. The trailer for the final movie in this trilogy wastes no time in reminding you that this is it. This is the final film in the franchise and this is the last we’re going to see of the heroes. This is the end of their journey.

It begins with the scene where Hiccup and Toothless learn to trust each other and the sad, somewhat confusing line: “There were dragons when I was a boy…where they went, only a few know.”

The trailer introduces us to some very exciting aspects: a world where Viking and dragon live in peace and harmony, a hidden dragon world and a mysterious new dragon: a Light Fury, who Toothless falls immediately in love with. This last part seems as though it will provide a lot of the humor for the movie, especially since Hiccup is the one trying to help him get the girl.

But the most frightening thing we’re introduced is film’s antagonist: a dragon hunter who has hunted down every single Night Fury, except for Toothless.

The trailer does seem to give away a lot of the plot, including a hint as to what happens to the dragons. But, it does promise that this movie will be an emotional roller coaster that we won’t ever be able to forget.

Admittedly it took a couple of viewings for me to really enjoy this trailer. The How To Train Your Dragon franchise isn’t one I’m very invested in; I’ve only seen the first two movies a handful of times at most.

But I will definitely watch them to prepare for the finale.

Score 8/10


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