“Lost in Oz” Season 2: The journey has only just begun

Lost in Oz Season 2, or Season 1 Part 2 according to Amazon, picks up immediately after the events of the last “season.

Dorothy, Toto and the Scarecrow are stuck in the Deadly Desert after the tornado meant to send them back to Kansas fails to work. Dorothy originally blames herself for the mistake, but it becomes clear that that isn’t the case when they’re captured by the Nomes.

In the last season, the Nomes were shown to be in league with Langwidere and were stealing the magic for themselves. And thus, the conflict is set: Dorothy must return to Emerald City to find a new way home and help her friends defeat the invading Nome Army.

Trying to get back to Emerald City

Meanwhile, West, Ojo and Reigh believe that Dorothy has returned to Kansas; West is particularly upset with this, as her magic tutoring under Glinda has not been as successful as she thought. The group dynamic is very different without Dorothy, which leads to some interesting interactions.

It isn’t until half-way through the season that the friends are reunited. And then promptly transported to Kansas.

It’s a great twist and a good way to understand just how different the two worlds are. It’s also executed really well. The characters don’t spend a whole season there, just enough time to give the “Emeraldos” a fish out of water experience that doesn’t rehash the whole first season and allows for a quick rescue mission as well. The kids don’t overstay their welcome.

After all, there’s a war waging. While the final battle of the season is slightly underwhelming, everything fits together well. The final episode can work as a series finale, if necessary, but hopefully it won’t.

The show seems to be extremely popular and there are still plenty of plot points and questions that haven’t been dealt with yet.

For instance, the Wizard of Oz finally comes up; it’s implied that he is the one responsible for the divide between the Nomes and Emeraldos. He only appears in a flashback. It’s unknown if he’s still alive in the series.

In their search for the Nome King’s belt, a powerful object, West comes across a pair of slippers and expresses interest in them. It could very well just be a throwaway reference to the original book series, but I’m hoping it’s hinting at something bigger.

If that’s not the set up for another season than surely setting up Dorothy’s mother’s reasons for leaving Oz, and the idea that West and Dorothy never were supposed to meet is hinting at something huge within the series.After all, we know Dorothy’s mother grew up in Oz and went to school with Glinda and West’s mother, so her living in Kansas doesn’t make much sense. There is a lot to explore there that could expose a deeper conspiracy within the Emerald City itself.

It’s a great way to give the cast a reason to explore the rest of Oz while still keeping an air of mystery and connecting to the series proper.

And perhaps, the series could also finally introduce the Tin Man in an actual role. In this season, he is more properly introduced as a popular comic book superhero. Whether or not he’s based on a real being in Oz isn’t clear,

It’s in this half of the season that Dorothy and West’s relationship really gets explored. We get to see just how much Dorothy influences West and just how her presence gives West power. It’s pretty amazing.

Dorothy and West

Reigh and Ojo get put towards the background. The show also introduces the Nome King Roquat, who looks like Gideon from Gravity Falls, as another addition to the main group.

His role is very similar to Fitz’s in the first season, but Roquat actually manages to be a well-developed character whose reasons for growth are actually explored. He’s annoying but useful. Fitz doesn’t appear at all in the season, except for a quick cameo at the end; it’s almost like the show forgot about him until the last minute. I had.

The main villain of the season, the Nome General Gulph, isn’t the most memorable or unique villain but works well within the show’s context and is a legitimate threat to the protagonists. He has some very good villainous qualities: an interesting design, an ego, intelligence and eventually a magical item that allows him to turn anyone into a tiny statue. He also has access to very powerful allies including the Shadow Nome, who has the unique ability to travel using shadows.

And like I said, although most of the issues introduced have been resolved such as the Nomes and Emeraldos are living in peace, Langwidere is still imprisoned and Dorothy and her mother have decided to make Oz their new home, there’s still plenty of potential conflicts that could arise. There’s also no way that leaving Kansas behind is going to be that easy.

I still have a lot of questions about the story, particularly regarding Earth magic and Dorothy and/or West’s father. With the true introduction to the Wizard in the series, it seems more likely than not that he’ll play an important role.

I doubt he’ll be either of their fathers, since this is a children’s cartoon but he’ll definitely be involved in split between Dorothy’s and West’s mothers. And there’s still the original Dorothy and company whose backgrounds have not been expanded on.

I really hope to see more.

And that’s the scoop!


Season 1 Part 2 Score: 9/10

Season 1 Part 1 Score: 9/10

Total Score: 9/10

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