Infinity Train trailer teases an infinitely entertaining show

San Diego Comic Con 2018 was this past weekend and it wasn’t until Sunday morning that I realized I hadn’t planned anything special for it. Any respectable pop-culture blog should have a special post but I missed the mark. Better late than never I suppose.

There’s plenty of things I could talk about: the new Steven Universe episode “Legs from Here to Homeworld,” the news that there will be a made-for-TV Steven Universe movie, and the trailer for Netflix’s The Dragon Prince by Avatar: The Last Airbender head writer Aaron Ehasz dropped.

But I want to talk about the new trailer for Cartoon Network’s Infinity Train since I’ve been waiting for more details since my last post.

Now, the trailer doesn’t actually reveal much.

It begins with a shot of Tulip’s house, an average home, seemingly in a more rural area. It then cuts to Tulip’s room, showing her messy desk which includes a desktop computer with a 2000s style screensaver. We hear Tulip’s mother calling for her. We also get to see a photo of a younger Tulip and her parents before the camera pans to her open window and a stretch of rather lonely and empty countryside.

We then get to see Tulip who has seemingly turned up, randomly, in an empty barren landscape; the same one we saw in the pilot, with no sign of life around her and no clue as to how she turned up there. Then a mysterious number, 115, turns up on her hand. Beside’s Tulip’s mother, the trailer has no dialogue. There’s plenty of ominous music though.

The trailer has a noticeably different art style than the pilot; Tulip’s new design is less angular. Her face is in a different shape, as are her glasses. Her overall design is the same, though I prefer her original one. It seems friendlier. The backgrounds have a lot more detail in them, and are in a different style. It reminds me a lot of Over the Garden Wall.

Tulip (new design) in the mysterious wasteland

I’m not sure how I feel about this new trend where characters are designed by what’s easiest to storyboard as opposed to what looks best and suits the character most, especially when it seems like there’s a lot more effort put into making detailed backgrounds but it’s not something I have any knowledge or experience in, so it could just be the way things are going for now. I just may have to accept it. And for this show, I can get used to it.

The show also has a new logo; it’s a lot more angular which gives it a distinctive sci-fi feel. Since logos set the feel for the show, I suppose I should be expecting something more science-fiction-y than the fantasy/mystery I was expecting. Which isn’t bad. The channel doesn’t have a lot of sci-fi style shows on it, so it’s nice to have something new.

Most of my theories still stand, but it seems now as though Tulip’s boarding of the train is more of a Polar Express-type thing; it seems likely that the train will stop and wait for her to board, with her number being kind of like a ticket as opposed to her boarding a normal train.

Overall, it looks pretty cool. I’m super excited for the show and I can’t wait until it comes out next year. There’s a lot that can happen, and I’m excited to see how the show handles it.

That’s the scoop!

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