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Amphibia Season 1 finale will leave you wanting more

Well. That’s it. Amphibia Season 1 is over. In a month. It was a great ride, but it was kind of over much too quickly for my taste. Plus there’s no knowing how long we’ll have to wait for the second season.

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I’ll skip over all the boring bits and head straight into the finale. That’s the only part anyone really cares about in these kinds of reviews, and I only have the time to focus on one episode. So let’s focus on the most important one.

The episode more or less picks off right after the end of Anne of the Year, where the frogs of Wartwood have thrown a huge celebration to honor Anne, and she’s learned a lesson in selflessness. The party is interrupted by non-other than Sasha, Grime and their huge toad army.

Guess that’s one theory out the door.

Sasha, invites the group for a party at Toad Tower, where she brings Anne up to her luxury suite… And apparently, she somehow taught the chef how to make ketchup and other delicacies… She tries to ply Anne to do her bidding, join her and the dark side. 

After years of manipulation, Anne is forced to choose between her ‘best friend’ and the frogs that have taken her in. She makes her decision, leading to one very emotional moment complete with a heroic sacrifice set to ‘Lean on Me.’ I won’t say what, but the show is of course Disney, so they’re not willing to go too dark just yet.


The episode ends with the two friends separated once more, with the foreboding idea that the war between the frogs and toads is just getting started. And there’s still no sign of Marcy.

It’s brilliant, well-written and packed with emotions. The episode also lets us in one two very important details: the day of Anne’s disappearance and the fact that Hop-Pop unknowingly incited a revolution among the other frogs in Amphibia.


The former lets us know, that the day Anne disappeared, was her 13th birthday and Sasha was the main cause. Apparently, she convinced Anne to skip school that day (where they happened to be dissecting frogs) and then convinced her to skip out on a celebration her parents were having to go steal the Calamity Box.

The latter has some interesting implications for the next season. Usually, Anne would be the inciter for this kind of thing; but instead it’s Hop Pop. And I’m really interested to see where this takes us next season. Hopefully, we’ll get to explore more of Amphibia.

And we’ll get a few more fight scenes.

All the characters, sans Polly really, got going into their character arcs. Sprig is getting braver, Anne is becoming less selfish and Hop Pop is going on being a revolutionary. Thank goodness a second season is coming.

I can’t wait! That’s the scoop!


Score: 9/10


Year of release: 2019

Length: 8 episodes (22 minutes each)

Creator/Executive Producer: Matt Braly

Producers: Jack Ferraiolo, Tara Badawy

Directors: Derek Kirk Kim, Bert Youn, Kim Roberson (supervising), Ian Worrel (art)

Voice Actors: Brenda Song, Justin Felbinger, Bill Farmer, Amanda Leighto


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4 thoughts on “Amphibia Season 1 finale will leave you wanting more”

  1. Amphibia Is just fresh out of the box AWESOME

    Sasha, Marci and Anne (aka) the main characters are awesome too.
    A 13 year-old teenage girl and her friends get trapped in an amphibian world
    and need to find each other and charge all three stones and go back home, but the newtopian king puts a stop to their plan and puts a sword through marci, trapping sasha and marci in the amphibian world leaving only anne, sprig, polly and hop-pop in anne’s home Los Angles California and yet again trying to charge all three stones while the king sends reinforcements to earth to kill the gang and rule both worlds. So I say if you dislike Amphibia, then you suck a-lot because problems like this happen in real life and nobody ever does anything about it so, start watching amphibia and I PROMISE, you will LOVE IT.

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