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My top five favorite animations of the year

I’m back!

I wanted to get in a post before the year ended and then hopefully I can start getting back to a more regular posting schedule. I don’t know if my workload is going to get any lighter, but I’m getting the help I need so things should get easier.

So, I figured it would be best to close out the year with a round-up! Here are my favorite pieces of animation that came out this year.


  1. Klaus



I think it’s hard to argue that this wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen this year. Sure, I didn’t get a chance to go to the theater a lot but most of the stuff I watched was pretty mediocre. 

It was nice to get this genuine, heartwarming and beautifully animated movie and I hope it inspires Netflix to make more like it.


2) Amphibia


Screenshot (1969)

This is such a fun show. 

The concept is interesting and the world is so vibrant in so many ways. All of the characters have a great dynamic.

I’m super excited for the next season to come out.


3) Infinity Train



This show was a long time coming. 

I was super-excited for it to air and I was full of theories. Many of them turned out to be right. Tulip’s journey was interesting and I was satisfied, but a little disappointed by the nature of the train.

I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought it would, but the second season promises to build on some of the issues I had, so I’m ready. And psyched they’re bringing back Mirror Tulip.


4) Green Eggs and Ham


Green Eggs and HamAdam Devine as Sam I Am, Michael Douglasas Guy Am I
Green Eggs and Ham Adam Devine as Sam I Am, Michael Douglasas Guy Am I

Who would have thought that a 13-episode series based on a Dr. Seuss book could be entertaining?

It’s fast-paced and funny without being overly obnoxious and has some real stakes and plot twists. Sam and Guy have a great dynamic going and they both really change over the course of the first season.

Plus the intro song is a bop.

I don’t know what they’ll do with a second season but I’ll watch it.


5) The Promised Neverland



God. What an amazing series this is. 

It has a very interesting and unique concept and it pulls it off really well. The pacing is great, and the plot remains suspenseful throughout.

The characters don’t fall solely into any single archetype. And the show really isn’t afraid to take down its main characters, which is something I appreciate.


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