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10 cartoons to bing during your Coronavirus quarantine

And so, I have come to realize that being stuck in my apartment and the surrounding area for the foreseeable future is a kind of special ironic Hell. I want fresh air and social interaction so much, but I don’t want to get or transmit the Coronavirus. I’m not an outdoorsy person. I’m not an extrovert. But I am craving it right now.

Can we just be done with this decade?

Forget being done with 2020, I’m done with the 2020s. And next time I get an apartment, I’m getting one with a balcony, so I can actually enjoy the sun without worry. 

But everything is shit right now, and we have to make the best of it. And we’re lucky to live in an age where so much entertainment is right at our fingertips. So here is my list of animated shows and movies to watch while you’re quarantined or self-distancing (that’s going to be the word of the year.)

Today’s streaming platform…. Netflix!





The first season of this anime just dropped on Netflix and I love it. If you liked Zootopia and were intrigued by its original premise, then this is the series for you. Warning, this might be about talking animals but it’s not for kids.

A second season is already in the works. And I for one, cannot wait.


Pop Team Epicimages-103


We all need a little bit of laughter during this time, and what could serve you better than this ridiculous mishmash of pop culture parody and teenage misadventures starring two adorable chibi girlls?


Cells at Work!


If you can imagine all the cells in your body as hard-working, caring, and cute as the ones in this anime and you may be more convinced than ever to keep yourselves healthy and washing your hands to prevent Coronavirus.


Fullmetal Alchemist


Be it the original or Brotherhood, these are both hard anime to beat. And bonus, they’re both decently long so you’ll have entertainment for a while. And you can introduce it to your quarantined parents, siblings or roommates and let feel the same pain you did when you saw what happened to Nina the first time.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse




I shouldn’t have to say more. And if you have it on Blu-ray or DVD, take a look at the extended versions.


Gravity Falls


This show is a short one, but it’s well worth it. Though some of the story-lines could have been extended, there is no doubt this show has changed the face of animation for the better.




Another great mystery show. And with season 2, hopefully on the horizon now is the perfect time to binge.


Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and HamAdam Devine as Sam I Am, Michael Douglasas Guy Am I
Green Eggs and Ham Adam Devine as Sam I Am, Michael Douglasas Guy Am I


So, you can’t go out and explore the world right now… But you can explore the colorful, cheery and somehow kind of dark world that is the latest and possibly the best Seuss adaptation ever. And maybe you can even try to make your own version of the dish.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeastskipo-and-the-age-of-wonderbeasts-images-5

This wonderful show has simply not gotten enough attention from Netflix, and it deserves a lot more love. And I think we can relate to Kipo’s wonder when she gets the chance to explore a new world after being holed up in a burrow for so long

Literally any Studio Ghibli film except Grave of the Fireflies

Okay, this one only REALLY works if you don’t live in the U.S…which most of you do. But for those of you outside the States, I would say that now is a great time to make your way through this famed studio’s library.

But as great as Grave of the Fireflies is, I cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone, especially in a time like this.


And that’s the scoop!


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