Cartoons to binge during your Coronavirus quarantine (Part II)

As part of my series on cartoons to watch while you’re quarantined, I decided to look at Hulu. The live TV subscription has been a life-saver more than once and the service honestly has a pretty decent selection of anime, so I can’t complain.


  1. Kino’s Journey -The Beautiful World (2017)

They, unfortunately, don’t have the original series, but this 2017 anime follows a girl named Kino and her talking motorcycle explore the world, traveling to new destinations but staying only three days in each place.

Each city is different in terms of how its populace lives and all have different cultures and customs. In a lot of ways, it reminds of Girls’ Last Tour.


2. Owl House


I’ve talked about this show before and the good news about is, is that new episodes are still coming out. This gives you a little something to look forward to, if you haven’t kept up with it. Which is always better than binging through a bunch of episodes and realizing that there’s no new season on the horizon.



3. Infinity Train


There is never a wrong time to watch this show. But there’s plenty of time to come up with theories for Season 3.


4. Chowder


This show about talking purple bear-cat-rabbit thing is exactly the goofy, WTF thing we need in this time. Perfect for all ages and for those who may choose to partake in certain recreational activities.




This movie is certainly one of Laika Studio more controversial films. The character models aren’t the most appealing to look at, and there’s some transphobia in it as well -the latter being part of the reason why this film hasn’t reached the heights of Coraline  or ParaNorman. But, there are definitely worse things out there and this is definitely one of those moments that can be used as a talking point between parents and younger children.


6.  My Life as a Teenage Robot



Who doesn’t love crime-fighting robots mixed with high school drama? This is a wonderful, fun and visually distinct show. 


7. Hetalia


Okay. Okay. I know there are going to be people who are going to judge me for this. And you absolutely should. I was into this show to an almost embarrassing degree when I was in high school. 

It was the first anime I ever really got into. I liked the goofy antics, though to be honest I wanted more of an exploration of the world and more history…but still I loved it. I even went as Canada to my first (and only) Comic Con.

It’s not a show to take seriously. And the episodes are really short. Just turn your mind off for a few minutes and watch as the personification of the world’s countries go through history. (Though really, this concept would be fine and much less of an issue, if the first series didn’t focus on WWII.)



8. The Promised Neverland


At least you know that if you choose to leave quarantine, you’ll only be harshly judged and critiqued by society, if it’s not wholly necessary. You’re not going to be eaten by demons. And this action-packed, suspenseful anime will keep you plenty distracted while you wait for your Chinese from the safety of your living room.

(Also give a big generous tip to your delivery driver. Seriously.)
And that’s the scoop!


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