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10 Predictions for the Steven Universe Future finale

The end is nigh.

In more ways than one.


Somehow, Steven Universe will end on Friday with a four-part special. And honestly, it couldn’t come at a better time. We really need something to watch.

Even though I think the show should have ended ages ago, I’m glad we had Steven Universe Future. But, I’ll save those thoughts for my review on Monday.

Right now, I want to make some predictions on how the series will end (taking the first part of the finale, made available on the CN app, into account. This episode was supposed to be released after the theatrical sing-along-version of Steven Universe: The Movie but Coronavirus got in the way) 

Lars and the Off-Colors party
  1. The final episode will include a flash-forward. We will see Steven and Connie as adults, in a relationship. She will likely be pregnant or already have a kid. The gems will be super excited to find out what the baby will be like since there’s never been a quarter gem baby.
  2. Steven will have an actual conversation with Rose Quartz. The real Rose Quartz. No fakery. This will be key in overcoming all the issues and trauma he’s faced. 
Steven has issues!

         3. Steven will consider having his gem removed permanently as a way for him to be his own person. In the end, Steven will keep his gem but will not retain any/most of his powers.

      4. Steven will fuse with one or all of the Diamonds.

      5. We will meet Greg’s parents.


6. We will get a better understanding of why Rose gave her form up to make Steven.

7. There will not be a climactic final battle. Steven will be corrupted somehow, but the way to defeat him is not through battle but through conversation.

8. Lars and the Off-Colors will be called to help with Corrupted!Steven but in the end won’t be necessary.


9. We’ll see Obsidian again.

10. There will be another version of the theme song at the end of the final episode.

And for good luck, one very out there theory that I’ve seen floating around. I don’t think this will happen but:

The series will end with Garnet showing that the events are a possible future to Rose when she tells her she wants to have a baby. 

Garnet will say, “Are you sure?”

Rose will say yes.

And that’s the scoop. Let me know your predictions for the finale!


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