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5 Animated Shows I Haven’t Watched That May Surprise You

Until an undetermined date, I am not permitted to leave my apartment unless it’s for “essential activities” and I’m also highly discouraged from leaving the state for an undetermined length of time. And my roommate decided to wait it out with her family, so I’m alone in my apartment, hours away from family.

(So, if I stop updating this site regularly, please call 911.)

If I’m going to be honest, it is kind of nice to be alone. I’m not cooped up in my room while she works in the living room. But, this quarantine has gotten me thinking. I have a lot of free time and I’m trying to fill it up with a few online classes, practicing my Japanese, improving this blog… But even that gets dull. I don’t always have the energy to do much with it.

Even streaming doesn’t always hold the same appeal that it did before. Rather than watching cartoons, I just have Chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen on in the background. (And if you haven’t seen it, watch Tiger King for the seven craziest hours of your life.) But it’s also made me realize all the popular shows I haven’t seen and why.

Some of them, I haven’t gotten the chance to watch yet and others…. Well, I’m just not interested. Though, that could change). 


Voltron: Legendary Defender

I don’t know why, but I could never be bothered to start this show. Maybe it was the fact it was a reboot. I never saw the original Voltron, though. Maybe it was the voice acting. Maybe it was how quickly the seasons were churned out.

But it was probably the obnoxious fandom that made me avoid it. I’ve never been a big shipper. I have ships but shows for me aren’t about that, it’s also why I also got out of writing and reading fanfic.

It’s just not my thing. But this is a show, I may give it a shot in the future because I have heard good things about it. However, it’s not even in my Top 20 List of Things to Watch.

What is this? Can we stop having female characters be traditionally unattractive but “sexually” bold as humorous. 

Big Mouth

There is not enough money in the world to get me to watch this series. It just disturbs me on a visceral level. The animation style is hideous, and though, I don’t find the content objective on a moral level, I’m left wondering who this series is for.

I wouldn’t let a 12-year-old watch this show. I think there are a lot of better ways to have them deal with puberty than this. And I honestly don’t want to be reminded of that period in my life. 

I’m also not fond of the Jewish stereotypes I’ve seen in clips of the show. 

Even if the creators are Jewish, something about it rubs me the wrong way.

It’s just a hard no all around.

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil


I have seen a few episodes of this series, but I could never really get into it. Star always came off as super immature, hyper, loud and obnoxious. And after overhearing how the later seasons got a huge romantic plot tumor, I’m glad I never invested my time with it.

I’ve also always watched a ton of Youtube videos complaining about the series finale, so I probably won’t be watching it in the future either.


Family Guy

Do I need to say more? I’ve never been interested in this kind of adult cartoons.

I can occasionally tolerate and even appreciate The Simpsons, but other than that I really hate the crass, trying to pass off offensive prejudices as intelligence style of humor and just how shitty all the characters act.

I’m supposed to root for Peter Griffin? Why?

I will never review an episode of this show, and I refuse to dignify any of it.


My Hero Academia

I keep wanting to start this, but I’m hesitant as I’ve never been a big shōnen fan. 

I dropped Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, relatively quickly because I prefer my shows to have a definite end in sight. I don’t really like large casts of characters in long-running episodic adventures. 

I find that shows like this, usually don’t go too deep into characters because there are so many of them and the ones I like, usually don’t get a lot of focus.

And I feel like My Hero Academia won’t progress and I’ll quickly lose interest. On the other hand, they have a character who is basically Zuko, a cute Frog girl, and it would help me understand a lot more memes.

If I’m gonna be stuck here in my apartment until May at the earliest or even fucking June, I’m going to need something long to keep me distracted.

And that’s the scoop.

Stay inside, wash your hands for twenty seconds, drink some water and try to exercise, alright?


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