Some follow-up thoughts on “Steven Universe: Future”

It’s been a few weeks since the Steven Universe Future finale aired, ending the Steven Universe franchise. For now. 

And I’ve had a lot of time to think about it. When I wrote my review, I didn’t have a lot of time to really digest it as a whole. I was really focused on the final few episodes. And there were a lot of things I didn’t mention or didn’t go into as much depth as I wanted to.


That’s one of the issues with working on a quick turn-around. That and the fact we all have the attention span of goldfish, so you probably aren’t going to read a 5000 word post… If this quarantine goes on much longer, I will seriously consider starting a YouTube channel to share my thoughts.

That’s still cool, right?

But, I wish I had talked more about how rushed and unsatisfying the climax of Steven’s transformation was. And for a show that is so focused on emotions, the final episode really rang hollow.

Was I just supposed to cry because everyone else was crying? It didn’t resonate with me. There were a lot of episodes in this season that really added nothing to the plot or added stuff that couldn’t be addressed.


One thing in particular, that I didn’t address was how much it pissed me off with everyone blaming themselves for Steven’s transformation. Like they were trying to shift attention on to themselves.

Sure, some of them, particularly the Diamonds, should be blamed. But, Steven is also responsible for his actions. Like nearly killing his dad.

In hindsight, I think it would have been fine with the franchise ending with the movie. Though it would leave a lot of questions unanswered, it would avoid the confusing, crappy answers the sequel series gave when it chose to give answers and wouldn’t bring up so many new questions…

I’m all for adventure, continues and leaving some plot threads unexplored. It’s good to leave a little mystery…but it shouldn’t be questions that are integral to the world and story you’re creating. Rebecca Sugar, you are not Lemony Snicket.


You can’t just not answer questions.

These are questions like “What was in the chest?” “How does emotional trauma cause permanent damage in gems?” “Why are hetero-gem fusions considered disgusting?” and “Where did the Diamonds come from and why were they trying to colonize the galaxy?”

Even if the answer to the latter is due to them believing they are the superior beings, it still doesn’t answer how that gives them more power or benefits them, considering they extinguish all other lifeforms on their colonized planets, and they have no need for sustenance, so trade isn’t even an option. (And it doesn’t seem like they have currency.)

Though if you were Lemony Snicket maybe you’d let Steven suffer some actual CONSEQUENCES for his actions. What was the point of him shattering Jasper if he bought her back less than 30 seconds later? You said shattered gems couldn’t be fixed… Doesn’t this change everything you set up?


Hasn’t anyone taught you about suspense? This was an issue I had back during the Trial arc when you decided to bring Lars back in the same episode in which he “died.” That doesn’t really give the viewer time to process what has happened.

It’s also frustrating that Steven’s issues were solved…with a hug. It doesn’t quite fit with this narrative that’s been told. And how everyone is reacting before hand is frustrating. At least they could have talked it out or something.

And then there’s one thing the show never tackled that has me curious: Do people outside of Beach City know about Gems? What do humans think of them?

I think people have got to know that aliens exist to an extent…

Connie’s parents are polite enough to endure dinner with a giant multi-armed fuchsia woman…You know, rather than being like “What the fuck, Greg?” And I really wish we got to see that aspect explored. And while the Gems kept a low profile, they didn’t really hide who they were.


I know the show is called Steven Universe but maybe we’d be better off if we focused more on the second half of that title.

I know this show has also meant a lot to many people. I understand that. But, I can’t help but think that this show still could have been so much better and ended on a much more satisfying note.

I still don’t think I’ve done my thoughts justice. I recommend checking out these YouTube videos on the finale. They’re much more in-depth, though some use some strong language and, of course, spoil a lot of so watch at your own risk.


I don’t agree with everything in these videos but I think they’re worth the watch.

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I’m also not going to get over how they never did anything with the goddamn Cluster.


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