My DVD and manga collection

So, I decided to do something a little different today. I wanted to show part of my DVD and manga collection. I still have many things back at my parents place, like way too many volumes of the Naruto manga, but all of my favorite things are here.

And since we’re all stuck inside, I thought it would be nice to show off some of my place. I can’t say it’s very exciting. But I want to know…what in my collection interests you the most?


I haven’t had the time to break into all of them yet, or I haven’t wanted to. I guess, with the DVDs I like knowing I have them there. These are shows that aren’t always available on streaming or at least aren’t that accessible: I’m asking my parents for an HBO Max subscription for my birthday and then I’ll have all the Ghibli movies (because let’s face it, streaming is easier than DVDs) and Netflix is getting Avatar: The Last Airbender on Friday.

I’m still hoping they don’t go through with the live-action adaptation. There’s no need. The series is great how it is and WILL NOT work as a live action. And why do we need to re-tell the story anyway?



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  1. I can totally see you being a Ghibli fan. Good on you for having the Kino’s Journey set, too. Akira is a good choice. I haven’t read that manga in ages.

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