Help a girl get a Premium WordPress subscription

Hey. I hope you all are doing okay…

I know most of my readers live in the U.S., so you’re probably still under stay at home orders. (I am.)

And things are getting just really, really weird in general. Like seriously, May is basically over. This month, basically, did not exist on any conceivable level. All the days are blending into each other and I feel as though I never know what day it is. Or time.

Three in the afternoon on a Monday is basically the same as 10:45 in the morning on a Thursday.

 I’m still trying to keep this blog going, but I’m limited in what I can do -not only in time

and emotional energy – but because a free WordPress account only lets you do so much.

A premium subscription would allow me to upload videos, better customize my site and also get Google Analytics, so I can better figure out what you, the readers, enjoy and want more of. (I know it might be Steven Universe since those are my most popular posts, but that well is a little dry for now, unless you want to know how I would rewrite Steven Universe: Future.)

I’ve never made a post like this and I know a lot of you are probably struggling, so please do not feel obligated to donate. If you can and want to see a greater variety of content, please donate to my Ko-fi, so I can upgrade to a Premium WordPress subscription. I would really appreciate it.

Also…next week (May 26) is my birthday -and obviously since I’m living four hours away from my family, and about a 20-minute drive from my boyfriend, who I have not seen since MARCH…it’s not exactly going to be a wild celebration.

It’ll probably just be me, some new manga, take-out and maybe a Ghibli film. Or Into: The Spider-Verse.

Here’s the link: https://ko-fi.com/scoopsanimationcorner

If you donate, I will give you a shout-out when I reach my goal. If you have a blog, or something you want to promote, I will link it.

Thanks a lot. Keep your distance, wash your hands and that’s the scoop!


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