10 Predictions for Infinity Train Season 3

With the third season of Infinity Train coming presumably next month, it’s time to make some guesses. We currently only have the poster to work on and a brief synopsis. The main character of the season will be a young girl named Hazel, her companion Tuba, and the two leaders of the Apex: Grace and Simon.

Unlike Tulip and Jesse – Hazel’s number isn’t displayed in her poster and a comment by creator Owen Dennis makes it appear like she may not have one at all. Which has already spurred the creative minds of the fandom including mine.

While Dennis has been known to troll the fandom — let’s work under the assumption that his statement is true.

So, here are my predictions for the new season:

  • 1. While many fans believe Hazel to be the child of Grace and Simon due to her appearance – I don’t believe this is true. Instead, my theory is that Hazel, like Lake, is actually a Null. But she believes herself to be a passenger.
  • 2. She was created to prevent Simon and Grace from completely overtaking the train.
  • 3. Amelia created Hazelnot One-One as an attempt to help Grace and Simon’s journey and get them off the train.
  • 4. Hazel does have a number – but it is not glowing (as part of the trick) which means Simon and Grace let her become part of the cult and help her out, since they still believe in getting their numbers up.
  • 5. Grace’s character arc will be her finally dealing with her major superiority complex and her insufficient empathy.
  • 6. We will also learn how she and Simon met and formed the Apex – likely many years ago.
  • 7. Simon will betray Hazel and Grace.
  • 8. Grace will leave the train. Simon will not.
  • 9. Even though she can, Hazel will not leave the train at the end. Instead, she will stay to help others.
  • 10.  We will get a better idea of how passengers deal with their return to reality – after having gone missing for so long.

Bonus prediction that likely won’t happen: In the real world: Grace, Lake, Jesse and Tulip will somehow all meet. Tulip is puzzled.

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