Ranking every episode of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Part I

Because I am trying to cope with *everything, * I decided to rank all the episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender to keep me distracted.  This ranking will be done in several parts – with updates every Thursday.

So stay tuned and let me know what you think!

53.  Book 1: Chapter 11 – The Great Divide

This is the most inconsequential episode of the whole series – and the humor isn’t even that good. Plus Aang’s resolution doesn’t make any sense. It’s not bad -just mediocre.

52. Book 2: Chapter 5 – Avatar Day

Avatar Kyoshi’s appearance was the best part of this episode. The Sherlock Holmes-style was cool – but the town’s people were jerkasses and it doesn’t really affect the overall plot.

51. Book 1: Chapter 9 – The Waterbending Scroll

The moral of the story is that stealing is okay if it’s from pirates. (Admittedly, the scroll making a comeback in Wan Shi Tong’s library was nice.)

50. Book 3: Chapter 3 – The Painted Lady

Townspeople get mad at Katara for cultural appropriation while she legitimately tries to help them. She once again learns lying to help people isn’t always a good move.

49. Book 3: Chapter 7 – The Runaway

Toph breaks laws and doesn’t care. Katara is portrayed as wrong but is trying to keep everyone out of trouble.

48. Book 1: Chapter 14 –  The Fortuneteller

Aang gets an admirer who calls Katara a slut and is never mentioned again. This exists to establish Kataang.

47. Book 3 Chapter 9 – Nightmares and Daydreams

Aang needs a therapist and some Ambien. The nightmares are pretty funny – but spending a whole Chapter on the plot feels like it ruins the pacing.

46. Book 1: Chapter 5 – King of Omashu

Bumi is a trickster mentor and we still don’t know how Omashu’s government works. Points for introducing the Cabbage Merchant. 

45. Book 2:  Chapter Nine – Bitter Work

Toph tries to teach Aang. Sokka gets stuck in a hole.

44. Book 2: Chapter 4 – The Swamp

Cool visions. Katara and Sokka meet some long-lost distant relatives.

43. Book 1: Chapter 16 – The Deserter

Aang tries to learn firebending but fails but at least Zhao gets humiliated.

42. Book 2: Chapter 3 – Return to Omashu

Bumi did nothing while his kingdom was taken over. Shenanigans ensue. We meet best villain girl Mai,

41. Book 2: Chapter 1 – The Avatar State

Maybe military leaders aren’t the best to advise on spiritual matters. But points for introducing Azula

40. Book 3 Chapter 13 – The Firebending Masters

Aang and Zuko learn to dance and meet an ancient civilization, who never gets mentioned again.

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