Ranking every episode of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” Part II

So, thankfully Biden won so I’m not stress-positing but I am having a lot of fun, sitting down and just really thinking about the aspects I love of each episode. So…let’s get ready for Part 2! Surprisingly…this part includes a lot of Book 2.

Maybe I’ll reexamine this in the future.

39. Book 2: Chapter Eight- The Chase

Toph learns the value of teamwork because of insomnia. Great chase scene and suspense though.

38. Book 1: Chapter 15 – Bato of the Water Tribe

Aang is a douche because he’s 12 and doesn’t want to lose his friends. But this episode sets up A LOT for the rest of the series. Plus, we meet Jun.

37. Book 2: Chapter 2 -The Cave of the Two Lovers

The start of a thousand shipping debates and the origin of the best song in the entire series. A lot of fun, with a twist ending. It’s not about the destination, but the journey.

36. Book 1: Chapter 10 – Jet

One of the biggest plot twists, was this guy coming back later in the season. A great lesson about revenge and the differences between innocent civilians and culpable soldiers.

35. Book 3: Chapter 2- The Headband

Avatar meets Footloose. Too bad the kids didn’t appear again in the series. I always wonder what kind of legacy Aang left behind. It’s a fun episode

34. Book 1: Chapter 6 – Imprisoned

Katara talks about hope and leads a prison escape. We learn the difference between buffalo and bison, and meet Haru.

33. Book 2: Chapter 10 – The Library

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, we find out about the eclipse, which is very important. On the other hand…it’s still kind of meh, upon rewatching it.

31. Book 2: Chapter 11 -The Desert

Cactus Juice is the best part of this episode.

30. Book 3: Chapter 1 -The Awakening

Aang panics because everyone thinks he’s dead. Sokka continues to be bad at breaking news.

29. Book 2: Chapter 12- Serpent’s Pass

For all this episode was hyped to be – the Serpent itself was pretty disappointing. And apparently, giant eel-like sea monsters are just a thing in this world.

28. Book 2: Chapter 13 – The Drill

This was strangely Freudian for the show. I don’t like thinking about that.

28. Book 2: Chapter 19 – The Guru 

Guru Pathik is an unusual character and the fact we don’t see him again after this, or find out where he came from despite his obvious importance. The fact that he indirectly causes Aang to lose his connection to the Avatar state, makes this episode hard to return to.

But also metal bending

27. Book 2: Chapter 14 – City of Walls and Secrets

There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

26. Book 2: Chapter 18- The Earth King

Zuko is a drama queen who thinks he can’t be a good person and we finally meet the Earth King.

25. Book 3: Chapter 4 – Sokka’s Master

Sokka finds a sword master and learns how to actually hide his Water Tribe ethnicity.

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