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Worst animated films of 2020

Not a lot of movies came out this year. And I didn’t watch a ton of new movies. You would think I’d have considering I’ve been trapped in my apartment for nine months – but my attention span has shortened considerably.

And so, I’m only putting four films on this list. Hopefully next year, movie theaters will open again and I’ll be able to complain about a lot more terrible, boring, or just forgettable movies.


A movie full of absolute wasted potential. The plot was boring and predictable; the brothers had no chemistry; the movie ignored its much more interesting female characters in favor of the brother and the world-building was just background – rather than being fully explored.

And the magical aspect goes unexplained and is confusing. Definitely one of Pixar’s worst movies – it doesn’t even beat out The Good Dinosaur in my book.

I’m not sure if I even laughed during this film.

Animal Crackers

A boring, racist, and cliched movie. What else can I say about it? 

I suppose a few tweaks here and there would have made the film mediocre or even decent- it’s got an interesting enough premise but it’s wasted by poor storytelling, pacing, and characters.

Oh well.

Next Door Spy

I still don’t understand the lizard thing. And honestly, at this point, if you’re going to give me a kid detective, they should be aware of the general tropes – like actually smart. The main character in this film is an idiot.

She basically assumes Vincent is a murderer. It’s all based on one of the world’s stupidest misunderstandings.

 It’s frustrating as a viewer because that isn’t suspense. t’s sheer ignorance and stupidity.

That’s no fun to watch. There’s no tension. No mystery. No real build up and no real consequences if she fails.

Bobbleheads: The Movie

Bad concept. Bad art style. Bad animation. Bad dialogue. Just a genuinely terrible and boring film.

This movie just failed at every single level. I don’t understand why it even exists.

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