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Ranking Every Episode of “Infinity Train” Book One.

Since I’m on an Infinity Train kick, I figured its time to rank the episodes from my least favorite to favorite. Since each season has a new cast -I’m ranking each season individually. So let’s examine Book One: The Perennial Child.

10. The Beach Car

I found One-One frustrating in this episode, the first time and every time I watched it. Tulip hasn’t spent enough time with them to really form a bond, so the crux of the episode where Tulip has to decide whether to give One-One to the Cat or not really doesn’t work.

9. The Crystal Car

Just kind of anti-climatic. The songs were cute though.

8. The Grid Car

Not the greatest first episode. I think the mystery would have been heightened if we didn’t know how Tulip ended up on the train.

7. The Unfinished Car

So many turtles! And for a story about a train where each car is different, the crew did an excellent job of showing a car that didn’t fit in.

6. The Corgi Car

To be honest, I liked the pilot version of this episode more.

5.The Cat’s Car

This episode was a trip! And it introduced the all-important videotapes. Great exploration of Tulip as a character and it set up the world of the train.

4. The Engine

I didn’t feel the connection between Tulip and her companions as much as I did with the others, so I didn’t feel bad when they ultimately had to part. I still really liked the ending and how it showed how much time had passed and that Tulip no longer had a reflection. No “It was all a dream excuse” and it left me wanting more

3.The Ball Pit Car

This had one of the best twists of the season.

2.  The Past Car

I love a good tragic backstory.

  1. The Chrome Car

I love Lake (then MT) in this episode and how it played on the opposite personality twin trope. The crew managed to give her a full, three-dimensional personality in just a single episode. Sure, they knew she was coming back. But the audience didn’t.

We got just enough to whet our appetite and now, dare I say it, Lake is a more popular (and in my mind interesting) character than Tulip.

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