Ranking Every Episode of “Infinity Train” Book 2

It was A LOT harder to rank Book 2: Cracked Reflection since I thought pretty much all the episodes were excellent. See if you can guess my favorite before the end!

10. The Parasite Car

Perry the Parasite just makes me uncomfortable. I still can’t watch this episode without squirming.

9. The Map Car

Marcel is an asshole. But I like what it reveals about Jesse’s character.

8. The Black Market Car

This has an excellent opening sequence. It’s unforgettable and sets up the whole season nicely.

7 . The Toad Car

I never understood why lightly kicking Terrance wasn’t an option or why Jesse wasn’t okay with his number going slightly up. It was so low —but this episode was really important for Jesse and Lake’s relationship.

6. The Lucky Cat Car

The best part of this episode was the introduction of the Apex.

5. The Family Tree Car

Seriously. Why are there so many asshole denizens in this season? However, this episode laid most of the foundation for the main duo’s arcs and interactions. It still surprises me every time just how well these characters balance each other out.

4. The Mall Car

This one is a great episode on its own and a huge turning point for Jesse’s character. Plus it sets up Season 3 REALLY well.

3. The Tape Car

This one really played with your emotions. I love how the tapes were made – and how we get to see what can bring someone on the train. And Lake’s emotions during this were just so raw and passionate. I didn’t agree with her methods – but you could understand and feel her desperation just to be seen as a person.

2. The Number Car

I cried. This was a well-deserved happy ending. Jesse and Lake had such amazing chemistry throughout the season and I’m happy they can remain with each other. 

When I first watched this episode, I thought it was a bit of a cop-out that Lake could get off the train – but I realized how much it was necessary to their character and story.

But I would still love to see Lake reach out to Tulip at some point. I think it would be hilarious.

  1. The Wasteland.

Lake murders a cop. What else can I say? It was a brutally shocking moment and great part of her arc

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