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Ranking Every Episode of “Infinity Train” Book 3

Every single episode in this season was amazing. It wasn’t hard to determine what was number one – at least in my book, but tough figuring out the rest of the rankings,

10. Le Chat Chalet Car

I like the Cat – but episodes she’s featured in prominently are rarely my favorite. But I did love the relationship between her and Simon. It’s still weird she shares my name though.

9. The Jungle Car

This was a cute episode. It’s so interesting to see how the characters were in this episode as opposed to the end.

8. The Debutante Ball Car

Cuz, originally, I was a sucker for the Grace/Simon pairing and their dancing was adorable.

7. The Musical Car

This was such a fascinating and interesting introduction to the season. I like how they bought back one of Jesse’s songs

6. Hey Ho Whoa Car

There’s a lot that happens in this episode. I feel like the characterization here is a bit off compared to the rest of the season, but it’s still an excellent episode.

5. The Color Clock Car

We all thought this was going to be a sweet bonding episode. And then it wasn’t. I just wish they had ended the episode sooner – I thought the ending was a little oddly paced.

4. The Canyon of the Golden Wing Snakes Car

It gets this high of a rating for the epic car scenery and bringing back Amelia.

3. The Oragami Car

The visuals in Grace’s tape are impressive. I think the backstory fits her very well – and it wasn’t what I originally thought it would be.

And of course, Hazel’s emotionless farewell broke my heart.

      2. The New Apex

This is easily the darkest episode in the Infinity Train canon, so far and the most gruesome. This episode isn’t the end of Grace’s redemption, rather it’s just the beginning. I have no doubt that she won’t be able to get off until every other member of the Apex gets to go home.

Simon’s death hurt. He had every opportunity to be better – until he tried to murder Grace. I liked how they kept giving him chances until the very end – as it shows that only you can make yourself a better person.

I also think it’s a decent allegory for propaganda and misinformation.

  1. The Campfire Car

I still cry during this episode. The tone they managed to set and the environment were perfect for the aftermath of the previous episode. I adore how different and how much slower this episode is from the others. It deserves its own award

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