10 Predictions for “Infinity Train” Season 4

The fourth and (unfortunately final) season of Infinity Train (for now), titled “Duet” will be released on April 15. It will follow two lifelong friends – Ryan and Min – who are in a band together. They end up having the same number, something which hasn’t been seen before.

Owen Dennis said this season is going to be more self-contained and have a different tone than the past three seasons – but that could mean a lot of different things. 

But let’s make some predictions anyway!

  1. This season will take place BEFORE Amelia takes over the train. 
  2. Amelia will still make a short appearance by running into the boys.
  3. We’ll see what One-One was like before Amelia forcibly split them apart.
  4. Only one of them – judging by the trailer, it was Ryan – was supposed to get on the train
  5. Since they’re in a band, each episode will feature a song
  6. One of them is in love with the other. This is part of the reason why they’re on board the train.
  7. The other reason they’re aboard the train is that they have different visions for the direction of their band, which caused their relationship to fracture.
  8. There will be a fake-out death scene.
  9. One of the two will die, forced to sacrifice themself for the other. The roles from the fakeout death will be reversed for this.
  10. We’ll find out how passengers are picked.

2 thoughts on “10 Predictions for “Infinity Train” Season 4”

  1. It definitely stinks to hear that this is Infinity Train’s final season, and I can only hope that HBOMax reverses course in due time. But that trailer… wow, this looks like it’s gonna be a fun way for the show to sign off.

    It is interesting to see that, after last season being so heavy and dramatic, this looks like a lighter and possibly more optimistic book in contrast. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and my inclinations could be totally off-base, but a part of me wonders if Owen Dennis made these tonal changes, in part, as a gamble to get the show renewed. Regardless, I’m excited to see how the crew implemented this shift.

    1. Owen did say they changed the tone and style a bit for this one – maybe it was more to try something new or maybe it was to try and save the show. We might never know. I do think this looks a little lighter – but I still think we’re going to get some great dramatic moments

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