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10 Questions about “Infinity Train” Book 4 Answered

  1. Are Ryan and Min-Gi gay/boyfriends?

Canonically, Ryan seems to show some attraction to women. But the relationship between the two appears more platonic/brotherly.

  1. Episode Titles
    1. The Twin Tapes
    2. The Iceberg Car
    3. The Old West Car
    4. The Pig Baby Car
    5. The Astro Queue Car
    6. The Party Car
    7. The Art Gallery Car
    8. The Mega Maze Car
    9. The Castle Car
    10. The Train to Nowhere
  1. Which episode is your favorite?

The Twin Tapes.

  1. Does One-One appear?


  1. Does the Cat appear?

         Yes. And Ryan flirts with her. (Yes. It’s very weird.)

  1. Does Amelia appear?


  1. Does it take place in the past?

         Yes. It seems like it takes place in the 1980s.

  1. Do we learn anything new about the train?

Not really, except that it used to be run a little differently before Amelia took over. Hence the uniforms.

  1. Does anyone die?


  1. How does it end?

It’s about the journey not the destination so I’m not telling.

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