Every Episode of “Infinity Train” Book 4 Ranked

So – even though I wasn’t crazy about this season, it’s still Infinity Train so I still like it. And now it’s to rank them!

10. The Iceberg Car

This was just kind of generic. Not the quality I normally expect from the show

9. The Mega Maze Car

Did anything really happen in this episode?

8. The Astro Queue Car

Interesting concept and a good way to show the differences between Ryan and Min-Gi but it’s still just not a lot there.

7. The Pig Baby Car

It was hilarious watching them make fun of America and American cuisine for 10 minutes.

6. The Old West Car

It’s ranked this high simply for the line, “Why did you flirt with a cat?”

5. The Castle Car

The reveal of Morgan being a castle was funny, and the reveal of how Jeremy ended up on the train is impactful. But I’m still not sure how to feel about Kez’s “betrayal.” Kind of feels like it came out of nowhere.

4. The Party Car

Nice conflict. I liked meeting Kez’s friends and the jam session was one of the greatest moments of the season.

3. The Art Gallery Car

The docent is by far one of the scariest and creative creatures I’ve seen in this show. The emotions in this episode get really heightened. I love it.

2. The Train to Nowhere

The song is still stuck in my head. A good ending to the season, if a little cheesy. But maybe we need cheesy.

  1. The Twin Tapes

I love the framing of this episode: with the split-screen showing Ryan and Min-Gi’s lives and how they ended up drifting apart. The reveal of One and Amelia observing this was unexpected, and it’s interesting how they kind of acted as a catalyst for Amelia to take over.

It makes me want a Book 5 even more.

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