10 Predictions for “Amphibia” Season 3

So, I have some theories about the next season of Amphibia...Let’s see how many of them come true. 

  1. Anne will seemingly (but not actually) die in the finale. She’ll sacrifice herself to destroy the Calamity Box; she won’t die because…this is Disney. 
  2. The Plantar Family is somehow connected to the Calamity Box – either in its creation or more likely, through its original theft from Andrias.
  3. The connection between Earth and Amphibia will be severed – so the Plantars and Anne won’t be able to see each other again.
  4. Sasha will need to make a choice between Grime/taking over Amphibia and saving her friends…
  5. Sasha’s backstory will be revealed: She’ll be the daughter of hard-to-please parents who raised her to be a perfectionist and in control of everything in order to be successful. 
  6. Marcy will be mind-controlled in the beginning and also have Calamity Box-inspired powers courtesy of King Andrias.
  7. More than one Calamity Box existed; however, the others were destroyed.
  8. At the end of the series, Marcy will accept she has to move away, but realize she has grown and is ready for a new adventure.
  9. Anne and Sasha will go their separate ways after the finale, as they have both changed a lot – but they’ll remain on good terms.
  10.  There was something more to the deaths of Sprig and Polly’s parents than just “getting eaten by herons.”

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