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Most Disappointing Shows of 2021

  1. The Promised Neverland – Season 2

They skipped over the most beloved part of the original manga and tried to fit several dozen chapters into one season. Everything was rushed and the final episode was like 90% still images with narration.

  1. Yasuke

This series is so similar to the Bright anime that honestly, I keep getting them confused. Ultimately, it’s a very unremarkable and forgettable series.

  1. Eden

Another unmemorable series. It maybe could have worked as a movie – but there was nothing special about this series at all.

  1. Q-Force

This isn’t necessarily a bad show – I know a lot of people truly enjoyed it and thought it was good representation and it was funny. But this isn’t about shows that were technically good or bad – but about things I liked.

And I didn’t like this show.

  1. Distant Lands: Wizard City

The most forgettable of the Distant Land episodes – and while I’m aware that it was production issues that lead to this episode being aired last, it was a bad way to end the series.

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