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My Top 5 Favorite Animated Shows of the Year

There were a lot of good animated shows in 2021; let’s take a look at some of my favorite ones,

  1. Kid Cosmic

Craig McCracken is back – and he’s bringing nostalgia with him. The oddly dark and humorous Kid Cosmic is a great re-interpretation of the kid-superhero genre. It carefully balances episodic villain of the week stories with an overarching plot, with parodies of some of the famous comic book characters and story arcs.

It’s a must-watch for any superhero or animation lover.

  1. Centaurworld

This show cannot be described – only experienced. And it’s all the better for it. It is a 9-year-old girl’s first attempt at creating a fantasy world but written by an adult. It is the perfect mix of weird, meta, hilarious and heartbreaking.

Truly, it was a show that ended too soon.

  1. City of Ghosts

There’s nothing out there quite like this show. Unlike the others on this list, it’s very gentle and calming. A bunch of elementary schoolers go around Los Angeles talking to ghosts and hearing their stories.

It’s a great way to learn about some of the lesser-known aspects of the city’s history; there’s a heavy focus on the history of people of color and indigenous people. Educational and entertaining, what more could you want from a kid’s show?

  1. Adventure Time: Distant Lands -Together Again

If you ignore the production/airing order – then this was the absolute bestwerete Adventure Time could end on. It brings back characters who didn’t get their chance to shine in the original series finale for some time in the spotlight and it highlights Finn and Jake’s special bond.

  1. Castlevania: Season 4

The final season was dark, expertly paced, and full of revelations. There was epic fights, romance, death, and the power of friendship; what more could you ask for? Everything that had been built up in the three past seasons resulted in an epic climactic final battle.

I loved it,

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