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#NewDeal4Animation –Sign the Petition

I had a long week – and therefore didn’t have the energy to write a review. But my exhaustion is nothing compared to those experiencing burn-out in the animation industry.

Negotiations are going to re-start this month, which means professionals in the industry need our support more than ever before.

I’ve talked a bit about how unfairly those in the industry are treated when compared to their live-action counterparts. I’ve been mainly focused on animation writers – since there is a clearer pay discrepancy. You can read more about the pay discrepancies here – (

But of course animators, color designers, story artists, and timing directors are also being treated unfairly as well – they’re paid little for their long hours.

Please sign these petitions to support those in the industry:

Color Designers: 

Share it on social media with the hashtags: #NewDeal4Animation, EqualPay4EqualPaint, #ColorisDesign, #IASolidarity, #TAG839

Animation Industry as a Whole

Share it on social media with the hashtags: #NewDeal4Animation #EqualPay4EqualPaint #StoryCraftUnite #PayAnimationWriters #IAsolidarity #TAG839 

For both, you can simply state your affiliation as None (Public Supporter).

Follow @theanimationguild@TAGWriters, and @TAGStoryGroup on Twitter to keep up with the news.

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