An Announcement: May Posting Schedule

So, as you can see I’ve made some changes to my blog’s layout and design. It’s been a long time since Scoop’s Animation Corner has had a makeover – and I figured why not now? 

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. There just haven’t been a lot of shows or movies that have really spoken to me — and I’ve been busy with work, job hunting, and just general life stuff.

I will be making some more changes to the blog as time goes on – but these are all to make your experience better. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more consistently for the foreseeable future. And to help cement that promise – here is my review plan for May.

(As you can see these reviews are planned to go out soon after the movie has been released or the finale has been aired.) I also hope to get in a few extra posts here and there – but I won’t get too far ahead of myself.

I will continue to post on Mondays.


May 9 Pompo the Cinephile

May 16 Amphibia Final Season

May 23 Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

May 30 The Bob’s Burgers Movie 

And that’s the scoop.

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