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5 Reviews I Started But Never Finished

Because the past week has been busier than normal – I thought it would be a good time to explore some shows ] that I planned on reviewing, but ended up not doing a write-up for one reason or another. 

  1. Cuphead

I couldn’t finish this show. I was part way through the first batch of episodes when I realized that while I was enjoying parts of it, I really didn’t have any original thoughts so I stopped watching. It’s a lot harder to write reviews for episodic shows, in my opinion, because the tone can shift quite a bit from episode to episode. 

You need a lot more time for the show to establish its identity – because so many comedic and episodic shows turn dark these days. And while there is some continuity in Cuphead – the way it was presented was a mixed bag.

I can definitely see why people enjoy this show – the throwback style of rubberhose animation is nice to see, the brothers have a nice dynamic and I always appreciate the Devil as a villain since you can have fun with it.

  1. The Boys: Diabolical

This show – I actually really liked. Though I’m not a huge superhero fan: as in I literally haven’t seen an MCU movie since like 2013 – I really enjoy The Boys. It’s well-written and Homelander is an amazingly unhinged villain. The kind you love to hate. There is pretty much nothing redeemable about him, yet the writers manage to keep the character interesting.

Diabolical is an animated anthology series, kind of along the lines of Marvel’s What If… though only some of the shorts are canon. Each one has a different art style and follows a different set of characters. All of them, except one, are hilariously gorey.

There’s one short I didn’t like, where a character voiced by Aquafina gains the ability to bring poop to life. I just don’t like her voice and frankly I just didn’t like the concept. Since there were so many different episodes and styles, I just couldn’t find a way to communicate the show overall.

The first five episodes take place in different universes, while the last three, including a Homelander origin story are canon. I could have done a whole piece as to how these episode and  origin story especially, are horrifying when placed into canonical context…But that would involve diving into the show itself.

And I don’t have time for that.

If you like sex, blood, guts, horror, babies with laser eyes, Hootie and the Blowfish or the show itself…Yeah, watch this.

  1. Orbital Children

I just found the main character in this show to be so unlikeable that I didn’t even finish the show. And I refuse to write a review on a show I haven’t properly watched through. I also just found it – kind of boring? Like I honestly can’t remember a thing from this show. True it’s been a few months since I attempted to watch it – but usually I can remember something.

I think this could be a good anime for some one, but just not for me.

  1. Cells At Work

This is basically anime Osmosis Jones. It’s fun and educational. Never in my right mind did I think I’d ship a red blood cell and a white blood cell – but here I am anyway. I just wouldn’t know where to start when reviewing Cells at Work.

I’m not a doctor so I can’t testify to the accuracy and I just don’t know what else to touch on if I were to write a review of this.

  1. Dino Girl Gauko

This is a cute, episodic, slice-of-life anime featuring a young girl, Naoko, who turns into a dinosaur whenever she gets angry. That’s about it. It’s good if you’re looking for something short and mindless. Each episode is about 9 minutes long. During the show Naoko gets into all kinds of shenanigans from the mundane, like school picture day, to trying to stop an alien invasion.

There’s just not a lot to say about this show, except that whenever I watch it I get a huge craving for croquettes (which are prominently featured in the show.)

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