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6 Animated Shows That Deserved Better

I started a new job last week and once again, didn’t have time to write a proper review. With the news of the HBO Max / Discovery+ merger and the inevitable cancelation or removal of dozens of pieces of media from the platform (and I have no doubt that the animation category will suffer the most losses), I decided to write about animated shows that got screwed over.

  1. Infinity Train

Do I really need to go into detail about this? The show got canned because the fifth season didn’t have “a child-entry point” despite most of the viewers being teens or adults. We got 0 merch, and the show’s rating suffered from a lack of advertising.

The crew literally had the fifth season written and in production when they got the news – not to mention the other three seasons were already planned out. Owen Dennis and the crew had a vision, knew exactly what they wanted to do, and got screwed over because entertainment companies still don’t understand animation.

  1. The Owl House

I really need to catch up on this series. From what I heard – things have only gotten better. It had a bit of a slow start, in my opinion – but the fact that they changed Season 3 to be three 44-minute long episodes is ridiculous. Especially with a show that is doing so well.

This is one show, where we pretty much know why the show was unfairly canceled. The Owl House has some of the best queer representation in animation today. Too bad Disney is homophobic. 

  1. Beastars

So Season 3 hasn’t been released yet – but word has it that it will be the final season. With the way the show is going, they’re going to skip right over the most interesting arc. Spoilers for the manga: Legoshi eventually has to go up against Melon – a gazelle-leopard hybrid who is also a serial killer.

He is an interesting character, especially within the context of the Beastars world. The whole series is about carnivore-herbivore relations, so why are you throwing Melon out? Is it too dark? Are you afraid of the metaphor being taken incorrectly? Or is it just about money?

  1. The Legend of Korra

More like The Legend of Executive Meddling. Originally it was only supposed to be a one-season sequel. For some reason – the focus was on a love triangle which made it kind of unpalatable. Then came Season 2 – the only good part of which, was the origins of the Avatar.

Each season had a different villain and threat, which could have worked – if it was planned that way.

But the show moved from television to online, changed airing times, and got shafted by the network – all because they thought people wouldn’t want to watch an action series with a female lead.

All of my issues with the series are pretty much due to the executive meddling (and forced romance subplots) and not Korra herself. I do have concerns about the world-building. But I’m not really the right person to discuss that.

But Legend of Korra could have been a great epic adventure and a deeper exploration into the Four Nations…if only the crew had been given the time to plan.

  1. The Promised Neverland

The first season was one of the most faithful, suspenseful and interesting seasons of anime I’ve ever watched. Season 2 was a mess. Once they started deviating from the manga everything was ruined. The story and character development were rushed. It was no longer about strategic children trying to survive.

The anime skipped over a fan-favorite arc and concluded with a montage that fell flat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show lose that much goodwill so quickly. I have no idea what went through the minds of the people at the studio, but this show could have easily been four or five seasons long – and people would have loved it.

  1. Glitch Techs

Okay, so I, personally, didn’t like Glitch Techs. But through the cartoon community – I have found a lot of people that do like the show. A lot.  And the fact that the show also fell victim to the whole 1 Season Order Split in Half thing that Netflix is so fond of doing is unfair.

The show has a very diverse cast, and the female lead has ADHD – which is something you don’t see too often in any medium. I wish I could have liked it more, but as somebody who isn’t a big gamer – I just couldn’t get into it.

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