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My Least Favorite Shows of 2022

Sorry for being MIA for so long, and so often last year.

I’ve just been kind of tired and uninspired. I was working on some other projects, started a new job, and life just kind of got in the way. But, I’m back and I’m going to try to do better!

And to start out 2023 – let’s look back at the past year.

First off – my most disliked series that came out in 2022.

I wasn’t great about reviewing films this year – so there’s really only one movie on that list. (Spoilers: It’s Lightyear) and it doesn’t make sense to do a separate post.

But — here, in no particular order are the series I didn’t think were all that great,

  1. Vampire in the Garden

This movie was very visually interesting – but it just didn’t tie its narrative together really well. I felt as though the series wasn’t paced well at all which contributed to lack of overall tension and a disconnect with the character. The plot twists weren’t well-foreshadowed or didn’t make sense from what little bit we knew about the world.

And the overarching idea that humans got rid of the arts because the vampires enjoyed them doesn’t get explored and also…doesn’t really make much sense.

  1. Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving

Not bad per say, but disappointing and it left me wishing the season had something more to it. The puppy-love romantic plotline was cute — but it felt like it took away from the actual conflict. And really? A pregnancy plotline? Why are all the female characters mothers, and/or have their plot lines revolve around a dude?

While I appreciate the show trying to do a parody/homage to spy films and media…it just falls flat.

  1. Dogs in Space

Again, this show isn’t bad. I haven’t seen Season 2 (AKA the second half of Season 1) but the show just didn’t hold my interest well enough for me to consider it. I guess it’s just not a show for me – but I wish the creator and team all the best and hope they can tell the story the way they want.

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