“Dogs in Space” is sweet but not special

Dogs in Space is one of the shows that start out light and simple, but you quickly realize that there’s something darker lying underneath the surface. Or well - it tries to be

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Most Disappointing Shows of 2021

The Promised Neverland - Season 2 They skipped over the most beloved part of the original manga and tried to fit several dozen chapters into one season. Everything was rushed and the final episode was like 90% still images with narration. Yasuke This series is so similar to the Bright anime that honestly, I keep… Continue reading Most Disappointing Shows of 2021


“Eden” is just another boring Netflix anime

Eden should have been a movie. Or just not existed at all. The Netflix miniseries focuses on a young girl named Sara who was raised by a pair of robots, some 1,000 years after humans disappeared. The two robots run away from their home Eden-3 in order to raise Sara in safety. When Sara finds… Continue reading “Eden” is just another boring Netflix anime

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“Castlevania” ends on a masterful note

Finally: a good Netflix original. After sitting through the okay Arlo the Alligator Boy and the utterly mediocre snoozefest that was Yasuke, it was good to watch something that was a near-masterpiece of story-telling and animation. Castlevania’s final season like the rest of the series was amazing.  I always get nervous with final seasons -… Continue reading “Castlevania” ends on a masterful note


“City of Ghosts” is chicken soup for the soul.

"City of Ghosts" is a love letter to L.A. and all the different people and cultures that call it home.


Have no fear, “Kid Cosmic” is here to save animation

Warning ---Spoilers for "Kid Cosmic!" I’ve gotten pretty tired of superhero media over the years. There’s just too much of it. It’s over-saturated and not a lot of it really breaks the mold, y’know? The last time I watched a Marvel movie was probably 2013...unless you count Into The SpiderVerse. So originally, when I heard… Continue reading Have no fear, “Kid Cosmic” is here to save animation