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My Favorite Animated Films of 2021

My favorite films that premiered in 2021


My Lowest Ranked Films of 2021

My three least favorite animated films of 2021


A New Twist on an Old Tale. MLP: A New Generation – Review

To be honest, part of me thinks we didn’t need another generation of My Little Pony so soon. Friendship is Magic has just barely ended...But then again, it’s a Hasbro property. The show started out as a toy commercial - it’s still a toy commercial, but these days it’s just better written. But Friendship is… Continue reading A New Twist on an Old Tale. MLP: A New Generation – Review


“Vivo” is forgettable fun

Ugh. I started a job at an office supply store recently, hence why there wasn’t a review last week. I’ve just been exhausted. Standing on my feet for 6+ hours a day while working the register is very much not my idea of fun or engaging jobs. Hopefully, I’ll be out before I get used… Continue reading “Vivo” is forgettable fun


I love “Luca” and you should too

Spoilers ahead. As you know, I haven’t been a fan of a lot of Pixar’s recent stuff.  It just feels like they’ve been trying too hard, that they’ve been over-reliant on one trick: building up to that one climactic emotional moment, without regards for plot coherence, or world-building. Not to mention, a lot of their… Continue reading I love “Luca” and you should too


“Wish Dragon” is a lovely little film.

I like being proven wrong. It means I’m learning. So I was very happy when the Chinese-American movie, Wish Dragon, turned out to be an adorable and funny movie. Not the best movie of 2021. That still goes to The Mitchells vs. The Machines for now - but it’s a nice modern-day adaptation of the… Continue reading “Wish Dragon” is a lovely little film.