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“Children of The Sea” is a unique film, but not always great

It’s a very loose and fluid plot - and the entire third act feels like a drug trip and existential dread. And while the story may not be cohesive - the art is certainly beautiful.

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An American movie with a Chinese twist: Over the Moon is beautiful

Ever since I first saw the trailer for Over the Moon, I wanted to watch it. It looked so bright, colorful, interesting, and emotional. And it was nice to see that it was also going to take advantage of the opportunity to use Chinese culture rather than just having it act as a backdrop. And… Continue reading An American movie with a Chinese twist: Over the Moon is beautiful

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“Animal Crackers” is Racist Poorly-Written Trash

Why did I waste nearly two hours of my life on this movie? I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I knew it was going to be full of clichés and plot contrivances. But I had hoped that maybe this movie would have some spectacular element, that I would appreciate a single part of… Continue reading “Animal Crackers” is Racist Poorly-Written Trash

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Studio Ponoc’s “Modest Heroes” is modest and mediocre in its presentation.

Studio Ponoc’s “Modest Heroes,” wasn’t something I was particularly intrigued by but I figured it might have an interesting segment. Each of the film’s three shorts focuses on different characters and has a distinct art style -the only thing that connects the stories is the theme of heroism and bravery.

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“Lu Over the Wall” needs more work to make the cut

While Lu Over the Wall focuses mainly on music and xenophobia while Ponyo is more focused on environmentalism and the idea of change.