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Watch “Come and Learn With Pibby”

The short/trailer on the Adult Swim YouTube channel has garnered a lot of discussion the past few days. I, for one, am very excited to see this become a series (or movie.) Because my life has been crazy the past week and I wasn't able to write a review (again.) I wanted to share this… Continue reading Watch “Come and Learn With Pibby”

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#RenewInfinityTrain Campaign

I'm starting a campaign to renew Infinity Train. It's my current favorite show, and it deserves to end as Owen Dennis planned. If you want to be part of the campaign, it's easy! All you have to do is email HBO's president of programming Casey Bloys at and tell him why you think the… Continue reading #RenewInfinityTrain Campaign

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“Obsidian” elevates “Adventure Time’s” best couple

Obsidian” is a much better follow up to Adventure Time than “BMO.” The episode has its flaws, yes, but it also has clear themes, strong characterization, unambiguous themes about love and acceptance, and some truly bitching’ songs that I have been listening to over and over. I wasn’t originally planning on reviewing this episode, but… Continue reading “Obsidian” elevates “Adventure Time’s” best couple

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“The Fungies!” is a fun little show but not much else

I’m not totally fond of the rebirth of episodic comedies in animation.  Sure, there’s always a market for them but it feels like ALL the animated shows coming out now are either reboots, episodic comedies, or an episodic comedic reboot. (Animaniacs is the only one I’m excited for.) I find that too many try and… Continue reading “The Fungies!” is a fun little show but not much else

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Led through the mist…to the ultimate Halloween show

I was hoping to do a special new Halloween review - but unfortunately, time got away from me and I didn’t have time to find a good new show. It’s been a weird week for me - and probably for a lot of people in general. Plus, I’m exhausted. So I decided it would be… Continue reading Led through the mist…to the ultimate Halloween show