My Favorite Animated Films of 2021

My favorite films that premiered in 2021


“Encanto” is a somewhat enchanting movie

I haven’t loved a lot of Disney’s newer movies; either they’re missing that kind of Disney magic with notable songs and fun villains, or perhaps I’ve just aged out of them. And to be honest, I wasn’t too excited for Encanto. It wasn’t high on my list of movies to look forward to in 2021.… Continue reading “Encanto” is a somewhat enchanting movie

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I love “Luca” and you should too

Spoilers ahead. As you know, I haven’t been a fan of a lot of Pixar’s recent stuff.  It just feels like they’ve been trying too hard, that they’ve been over-reliant on one trick: building up to that one climactic emotional moment, without regards for plot coherence, or world-building. Not to mention, a lot of their… Continue reading I love “Luca” and you should too

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10 Predictions for “Amphibia” Season 3

So, I have some theories about the next season of Amphibia...Let’s see how many of them come true.  Anne will seemingly (but not actually) die in the finale. She’ll sacrifice herself to destroy the Calamity Box; she won’t die because...this is Disney. The Plantar Family is somehow connected to the Calamity Box - either in its… Continue reading 10 Predictions for “Amphibia” Season 3

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The Second Season of “Amphibia” Continues to Wow.

(Spoilers Ahead!) Due to not having cable, I wasn’t able to watch the second season of Amphibia until it came out on Disney+ a little over a week ago. But man, was the wait worth it.  This second season builds on the world and lore of the swampy land of Amphibia. At the start we… Continue reading The Second Season of “Amphibia” Continues to Wow.