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“Blue’s Clues” Said “Queer Rights.”

Blue's Clues was one of my favorite TV shows when I was really little, and I'm so proud that this show is so unabashedly queer-positive. Check out this video recently put out on their YouTube channel. This is how you do representation right. I think it's pretty awesome. There's representation of so many minority groups… Continue reading “Blue’s Clues” Said “Queer Rights.”


Not a lot to say about Netflix’s “Yasuke”

Sorry that there wasn’t a review last week. I was very busy and very tired. But let’s jump straight into this week’s review. I am a goddamn sucker for the found family trope, especially the “Badass Adoptive Father” trope. Like I just love the idea of a master assassin or former soldier just suddenly being… Continue reading Not a lot to say about Netflix’s “Yasuke”