I love “Luca” and you should too

Spoilers ahead. As you know, I haven’t been a fan of a lot of Pixar’s recent stuff.  It just feels like they’ve been trying too hard, that they’ve been over-reliant on one trick: building up to that one climactic emotional moment, without regards for plot coherence, or world-building. Not to mention, a lot of their… Continue reading I love “Luca” and you should too


Duck out of seeing “Duck, Duck Goose”

Duck, Duck Goose (2018) is a computer-animated family-comedy co-produced by America and China. Although it was originally intended to be released in theaters in the United States, Duck, Duck Goose only made it to theaters in China. It was pulled from the U.S. release schedule and was made available on Netflix instead. No reason has… Continue reading Duck out of seeing “Duck, Duck Goose”