My thoughts on Disney’s Upcoming Projects

I swear I’m alive. The past few weeks have just been very busy. Between work, some other personal projects, the whole David Zaslav thing, and general exhaustion there hasn’t been anything I’ve watched that felt worth reviewing. But since D-23 Expo was this past weekend - let’s take a look at Disney’s upcoming slate of animated projects.


6 Animated Shows That Deserved Better

I started a new job last week and once again, didn’t have time to write a proper review. With the news of the HBO Max / Discovery+ merger and the inevitable cancelation or removal of dozens of pieces of media from the platform (and I have no doubt that the animation category will suffer the most losses), I decided to write about animated shows that got screwed over.


Most Disappointing Shows of 2021

The Promised Neverland - Season 2 They skipped over the most beloved part of the original manga and tried to fit several dozen chapters into one season. Everything was rushed and the final episode was like 90% still images with narration. Yasuke This series is so similar to the Bright anime that honestly, I keep… Continue reading Most Disappointing Shows of 2021

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My Lowest Ranked Films of 2021

My three least favorite animated films of 2021