This blog is officially anti-David Zaslav or what happened to HBOMax?

Infinity Train, Summer Camp Island, The Fungies! and many more animated shows have been pulled from HBOMax. Following the merger of Warner Bros. (which owns Cartoon Network) and Discovery - many popular shows and movies, not just animated ones, were pulled from the streaming service and straight-up canceled.

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#NewDeal4Animation –Sign the Petition

I had a long week - and therefore didn’t have the energy to write a review. But my exhaustion is nothing compared to those experiencing burn-out in the animation industry. Negotiations are going to re-start this month, which means professionals in the industry need our support more than ever before. I’ve talked a bit about… Continue reading #NewDeal4Animation –Sign the Petition

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Is Avatar Studios a good idea?

They’re making a whole studio just produce Avatar: The Last Airbender content - starting with, a thankfully animated movie. Which is honestly pretty cool. But I feel conflicted. On one side - I’m glad the franchise is getting the respect and attention it deserves. I’m looking forward to stories about new Avatars and the Gaang’s… Continue reading Is Avatar Studios a good idea?