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“Blue’s Clues” Said “Queer Rights.”

Blue's Clues was one of my favorite TV shows when I was really little, and I'm so proud that this show is so unabashedly queer-positive. Check out this video recently put out on their YouTube channel. This is how you do representation right. I think it's pretty awesome. There's representation of so many minority groups… Continue reading “Blue’s Clues” Said “Queer Rights.”


I’m unimpressed by Nickelodeon’s “Glitch Techs.”

Due to being unemployed and there being a world-wide pandemic known as the Coronavirus,  needing to try to stay away from other people as much as possible and coming down with a stomach bug, I decided to try a show I might not otherwise review. A modern Nickelodeon show. Nickelodeon hasn’t produced a good cartoon… Continue reading I’m unimpressed by Nickelodeon’s “Glitch Techs.”