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“Castlevania” ends on a masterful note

Finally: a good Netflix original. After sitting through the okay Arlo the Alligator Boy and the utterly mediocre snoozefest that was Yasuke, it was good to watch something that was a near-masterpiece of story-telling and animation. Castlevania’s final season like the rest of the series was amazing.  I always get nervous with final seasons -… Continue reading “Castlevania” ends on a masterful note


Netflix’s “Castlevania” is a near masterpiece

One of the constants throughout these, now five months of quarantine, has been Friday Movie Nights with my boyfriend.  Now, we don’t watch movies every time, of course. We’ve been working our way through Avatar: The Last Airbender - as he’s never watched it through and it’s been wonderful, viewing the series through fresh eyes.… Continue reading Netflix’s “Castlevania” is a near masterpiece