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Netflix’s “Castlevania” is a near masterpiece

One of the constants throughout these, now five months of quarantine, has been Friday Movie Nights with my boyfriend.  Now, we don’t watch movies every time, of course. We’ve been working our way through Avatar: The Last Airbender - as he’s never watched it through and it’s been wonderful, viewing the series through fresh eyes.… Continue reading Netflix’s “Castlevania” is a near masterpiece


“Undone” is weird and amazing

Amazon’s Undone is the kind of show that can ONLY really shine in an animated medium. The rotoscope style-animation is beautiful, uncanny and perfectly suits the story Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy were trying to tell. I usually really don’t like rotoscope because of how creepy it can be and because people just look like… Continue reading “Undone” is weird and amazing