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10 Predictions for “Amphibia” Season 3

So, I have some theories about the next season of Amphibia...Let’s see how many of them come true.  Anne will seemingly (but not actually) die in the finale. She’ll sacrifice herself to destroy the Calamity Box; she won’t die because...this is Disney. The Plantar Family is somehow connected to the Calamity Box - either in its… Continue reading 10 Predictions for “Amphibia” Season 3


“Steven Universe” continues to surprise

(Warning: Spoilers for the latest episodes of Steven Universe) Steven Universe returned with two new episodes on Monday, April 7th after a short hiatus. The episodes “Can’t Go Back” and “A Single Pale Rose" revealed the biggest plot twist in the show's history since Garnet was revealed to be a fusion back in the first season.… Continue reading “Steven Universe” continues to surprise