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Watch “Come and Learn With Pibby”

The short/trailer on the Adult Swim YouTube channel has garnered a lot of discussion the past few days. I, for one, am very excited to see this become a series (or movie.) Because my life has been crazy the past week and I wasn't able to write a review (again.) I wanted to share this… Continue reading Watch “Come and Learn With Pibby”


3 in 1 Trailer Week Special

This has been a huge week for animated movie trailers. I’ve already reviewed Wreck-It Ralph but three other major animated trailers also dropped this week and since I have nothing better to do, here are my thoughts on all the rest. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Okay, this was only a teaser trailer but,… Continue reading 3 in 1 Trailer Week Special


An Incredible (2) Sneak Peek

So a sneak peak of Incredibles 2 dropped last week, which can be found here. I was going to review it then, but my Phantom Boy review took longer than I thought, and the trailer didn’t drop until the evening. So that totally messed up my plans. The movie looks, pun intended, absolutely incredible. It… Continue reading An Incredible (2) Sneak Peek