Grading Scale

A:  A must-watch. It is entertaining, meaningful, with an excellent soundtrack and animation.

B: A good movie that is funny and entertaining but has an issue or two that can’t be overlooked.

C -Simply average. Doesn’t try anything new and doesn’t make an effort to stand out but is made competently.

D: Bad movie with one or two redeeming qualities that could make it interesting to watch but not enough that to make up for the rest of the movie 

F: Who the hell allowed this to happen? An insult to animation itself. This animation has no redeemable qualities: no good themes or messages, terrible art, terrible voice acting, terrible characters. Should not be watched under any circumstances. 

Plusses and minuses will be added if a piece of media falls somewhere in between two scores. Movies will be rated based on multiple factors which can but may not include: animation, themes, characters, chemistry, plot, and pacing. Every movie and show has strong points and weak points – and these scores are based on MY personal feelings and preference.

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